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+14    swapzzle Take any picture and turn it into a fun puzzle Enjoy swapping pieces back and forth as you try to put the puzzle back together    3 MB    Views 8244
+25    The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower, and sometimes pluralised) is a mathematical game or puzzle. Legend says that at the beginning of time the priests in the temple were given a stack of 64 ...    37 MB    Views 6341


+1    记忆力小游戏 有效打发时间    278 kb    Views 4061
+13    马上下载和美女一起玩斗地主吧!! Beauty to fight the landlord a chess poker class delicate work, game screen fine, interesting, let us feel the joy of the ubiquitous in the game. An exciting game to promote the game fun, real scene game interface, and real ...    6 MB    Views 3585
+24    Control the white balls to repel falling yellow ball, control the direction and intensity of the white ball, popup yellow ball accurately. Play the more the higher the recording quickly to challenge yourself    NAN    Views 5817
0    Stones Before Swine Online Game is a tricky one Endlessly challenging, highly replayable, really addicting. Stones Before Swine Online Game challenge your logic and outwit the other player HOW TO PLAY: The stones are grouped into three rows. At each turn, ...    83 MB    Views 1136


+4    “波比数学1”(Bobby Math)是一款根据教育部颁布的“3—6岁儿童学习与发展指南”精神研发的、符合34岁儿童心理发展且富有趣味性的数学应用程序。“波比数学”同步于数学教材的知识点,为幼儿园数学教学提供了一种多元互动的教学形式。“波比数学”也为家长和幼儿提供了与幼儿园教学相匹配的数学游戏材料,能帮助孩子更好地掌握数学技巧,家长也可以利用此应用程序参与并了解孩子的学习过程。 “波比数学1”分为A / B两个部分,分别对应于小班上册和下册的知识点。其中包含了3个特定的场景设置,分别对应于“指南”中所涉及到的“数和量”、“形状和空间”、“感知生活中的数学”三部分的内容,让孩子在轻松有趣的情境中全面地掌握数学知识和培养学习数学的兴趣。A部分每个场景都有5个小游戏,共15个多关卡数学场景小游戏,每个难度级别完成提供一个奖励,激励幼儿更持久的学习。此外,还有更多个性化配置,包括学习进度表格以及非凡的多感官学习操作体验,包含高品质的音效、生动活泼的角色形象以及快速敏捷的触屏互动。    81 MB    Views 3872
-2    Match the same animal. You can play with your friends or single player for fun    8 MB    Views 7393
+15    Dodger is an light hearted dodging game made for iPhone. You can move and rotate to dodge incoming obstacles; try to survive as long as you can    5 MB    Views 2624

Animal Memory Game

+12    The most loved traditional game for kids, now on your phone Match the Animal Cards Flip to cards, try to match both cards. if you miss, remember the position of the animals for the next flip. play agains time to beat your own ...    13 MB    Views 1417

Rolling Skull

puzzle game world rolling bones amazing scene side stars rotate
0    "Hi, I'm Mr. Bones and I'm lost all my star. Would you help me to roll in order to recover them?" Rolling Skull is a unique platform puzzle game where you rotate the world to guide Mr. Bones to his lost ...    22 MB    Views 9583
word puzzle facebook search comic games words game fun superhero developer ccm
+5    A WORD PUZZLE COMIC and SUPERHERO WITH MORE THAN 3000+ WORDS This is a classic word puzzle game you are used to with but with a slight twist. Instead of random words this puzzle only has names and title and many ...    9 MB    Views 5057

Walking Sleeper PRO

0    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Do you actually sleep when you are sleeping? Our character from the Walking Sleeper game is halfasleep and he walks around in his peaceful dream… Everything is possible in dreams as well as in our game Be ready ...    62 MB    Views 1766
kids game matching skills face winx
0    Face Half Matching For Winx Club is a well designed matching game. pics with same image to make them disappear and earn score points. How to play? You have to match the half pair to other half by dragging and dropping over ...    16 MB    Views 2481
clean puzzles room
-9    Girls are helpless? No way Our charming little girls in new game For Equality Little Girls Fixing Things manage to do everything on their own Look at them: these little ones can clean out a pipe, cope with the ...    63 MB    Views 8033
Related Apps puzzle time playing entertainment square squares remember game brain black attempts wrong recall
-1    If you like playing puzzle games then you need to try "Remember Squares Puzzle Game" Remember the squares is a fun and fastpaced puzzle game which will test your solving skills Easy rules: complete every level by first memorizing the squares shown ...    35 MB    Views 7935
games adventure iphone game cube red amazing randomly moving blue cubes
+2    Who would not love to play games? The answer is probably no one, and when it comes to experience the joy of getting interactive with the amazing range of iPhone Apps and Games, then no one can resist himself or ...    15 MB    Views 5927

zz very hard

+18    zz is the "very hard" app zz is like snake on an old brick phone,but it is very hard. i hope you never give up good luck    6 MB    Views 7489

25 dots

games puzzle game dots challenging boards perfect
-5    25 dots is challenging puzzle game. Purpose of the game is turn board completely blue. Compete with your friends on gamecenter to get highest total. If you are travelling it is fun game to pass your time. If you like ...    34 MB    Views 2255


+12    马上下载吧!! 女神德州扑克一款棋牌扑克类精致作品,游戏画面精美,有趣刺激,让大家在游戏中感受到无处不在的欢乐。刺激好玩的玩法提升游戏乐趣,真实场景化游戏界面,真实场景化的游戏界面,让您感受家一般的温馨。贴近真实打牌体验。后续还将加入手牌飞行动画,让你体验真实的打牌流程,让您在掌中也能体验到永不落幕的比赛,享受冲击冠军的刺激,感受竞技的乐趣!!    6 MB    Views 4097

Cat fantasy world

Related Apps love levels bubbles play world
+10    How to play: Just Simply tap the screen to shoot the bubbles. Make them pop by forming a group of 3 or more similar bubbles and gain as much point as you can. Keep going until next levels. Features: To kill your time, we ...    64 MB    Views 6452

BeerCrush Lite

item form lite game
+5    BeerCrush Lite is a tile matching puzzle game. Suitable for some ages. Have fun with it.The objective of this game is to swap one item with an adjacent item to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more ...    12 MB    Views 8776

A game of Onions

plant game mistakes location good quickly plants score
+1    This is a fun game of reaction and accuracy, you are planting onions in a garden and must only plant your onions in locations that are good. A bad location to plant an onion would be where other plants are not ...    41 MB    Views 38
+7    Princess of Atlantis Rescue 3 Prince Adventure Herbs Search Hunt, Halloween Secret Castle Princess Of Atlantis is Sick. She need nine herbs to recover from the sickness. Your job goes to the secret place which is having the Herb 3. Find the ...    25 MB    Views 7683
Related Apps puzzle playing game skills child jigsaw grow interesting edition kindergarten
+6    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw Learning while playing can be awarded to this Jigsaw Puzzle Kindergarten Edition. This game is very interesting and addictive for all age groups. Mainly ...    18 MB    Views 9327

Wheely 4

time wheels trouble game understand
+9    Wheely is having trouble with his wheels. big trouble. help him sort out his problems in this unique puzzle game. wheely has great trouble moving about when his wheels are missing or broken. you have to understand, he is a ...    93 MB    Views 5577
+8    Princess Birthday Cake Cooking Game By playing this cooking game kids can learn how to make the Birthday Cake in the kitchen and they can learn how to decorate the Birthday Cake and make the icing. In this game you have ...    23 MB    Views 7464
+4    □ 概要 □ シンプルで簡単に遊べるパズルゲーム かわいいキャラを動かしてステージクリアを目指そう □ ストーリー □ 迷子になってしまった女の子を助けに行こう □ 遊び方 □ フィールドの敵を踏んづけて岸を目指そう 敵は踏んづけるとHPが1減り、0になると消えるぞ 隣同士にいるヤツしか踏むことはできないぞ すべての敵を消して、岸に辿り着いたらステージクリアだ ○推奨機種 iPhone 5 以降 ○対応OS iOS 8.0以降    6 MB    Views 1969
0    别碰同色时一款休闲类小游戏。通过变色的小球在多边形里面不停的跳动,触摸屏幕改变小球的运动方向从而不能让同一个颜色的小球和边界接触,否则就游戏结束了。 该游戏考验一个人的大脑 眼睛 和手的反应速度。到底是 眼睛快 手快 还是你的大脑快,那就下载玩一下试试吧 也可以将自己的战果炫耀给一起玩这个游戏的玩家,看看是谁反应达人!!    13 MB    Views 660
car racing sprint avoid obstacles
+8    Sprint carlike feel, avoid obstacles quickly determine, really it is always there is a thrill. Game, the player controls the car to avoid obstacles fast sprint. Follow along sprint racing experience general feeling it    NAN    Views 708

Donut Circle Lite

-2    It's the most simple, easy, and addictive game. HOW TO 1. Look the donut at the top. 2. Tap the same donut by scrolling a screen.    32 MB    Views 3165

Water Ring Toss

-3    Clásico juego de la infancia cuyo objetivo es meter los aros en un soporte Fácil y Sencillo Sin compras Con 20 niveles a tu disposición Configuración de audio e idioma    39 MB    Views 7516
food challenge burger game mad funny scores high throw
-7    Mad Burger 2 is a funny food challenge game. Hello,everybodyMad Burger 2 is coming finallyMad Burger is a fresh new cooking experience alive with crazy chef,colorful ingredients and delicious recipes Throw burgers as far as you can,and the far you throw it,the ...    38 MB    Views 4039
+2    Welcome to Voazoa Inc. 1 gamified picture book app developer. Our book is designed to give another level of learning experience to readers. Voazoa Inc’s app is proven to accelerate children’s creativity and concentration by giving kids various activities, such as ...    26 MB    Views 770
Related Apps bubble filled ups power play colourful fun ultimate levels
-8    It's the Ultimate Bubble Trouble Play the ultimate bubble shooting game filled with beautiful graphics and animations and colourful power ups Test your skills by completing more than 50 levels in this fun filled adventure Solve creative puzzles and rescue little animals to ...    55 MB    Views 8822
+12    Cờ toán Việt Nam là một trò chơi, một phát minh có một không hai của người Việt. Cờ toán rất tốt cho phát triển trí tuệ, nhất là dành cho trẻ em, học sinh, sinh viên... qua việc rèn luyện ...    48 MB    Views 1936

Donut Circle

+4    It's the most simple, easy, and addictive game. HOW TO 1. Look the donut at the top. 2. Tap the same donut by scrolling a screen.    30 MB    Views 2612


Related Apps color spheres number block level
+21    Thank you for enjoying my first venture into creating a game. iCallapse is easy to play. The object is to get as many spheres next to each other of the same color. The more spheres of the same color the ...    40 MB    Views 4012
Related Apps free shooter bubble
+13    The classic and addictive Free Bubble Crystals Shooter game for ALL ages. Now is available for free downloads on App Store. Play now on all your iOS devices.    33 MB    Views 1661


sock cycle socks missing
+3    You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go? Sock Cycle is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Cycle. It helps ...    38 MB    Views 3150
-3    Learn the names of each national capital each country is promoting basic knowledge of the child.    6 MB    Views 1897

Fruit Link Go 6

Related Apps puzzle time game fruit link matching connect icons play level pairs
+5    [FREE] [BEST]This is the most popular Fruit Link Go game in App Store. Fruit Link Go 6 is a fun puzzle game to practice reaction speed, remembrance, resilience. It is easy to play, and it is good for any ages. ...    15 MB    Views 4329
-4    《花式射门》是一款简单好玩的益智类小游戏。游戏中你要想如何通过障碍物把球送进球门里,游戏简单好玩,赶快动用你聪明的大脑来完成最绚丽的进球吧喜欢这款简单好玩的足球游戏的小伙伴赶快拿起手机下载吧相信你可以越过障碍,完成史诗级的成就    22 MB    Views 6024
Related Apps action points letters spend letter game friends abc
-5    ABC is a simple puzzle game but attractive gameplay. East to learn but hard to be master Find the adjacent same letters and merge them to new letter. The finally goal is Z Challenge your friends, beat their scores. 1. You can spend ...    45 MB    Views 7507
game colorful blocks
-3    Colorful Blocks is a classical game. With this game you may be back to the old times    10 MB    Views 1754
+28    Trò chơi xếp hình động vật dành cho bé sẽ giúp các bé nhận biết các con vật thông qua trò chơi xếp hình. Các Tính Năng Chính: Có 3 mức độ khó khác nhau. Bao gồm 84 con vật ngộ ...    20 MB    Views 8178

Make The Way

Related Apps green game click easy horizontal vertical level restart
-8    Make The Way A fun game to challenge all your limits whether they are logical, analytical, tactical or organizational; it is none other than this latest Make The Way game. All you need to do is spot the green log and ...    36 MB    Views 7083

New Game Lines 2008

Related Apps lines game play features scores cross
+2    Have fun with lines 98 It is easy to play, but to become a master is a challenge. The goal is simple: Keep the screen as clean as possible by arranging balls of the same colors into lines to make them explode. A ...    6 MB    Views 7757
Related Apps games facebook puzzle people game match littlebigplay score matching support disappear
+4    Bored of all the Match3 games? Try then our new game Bubblins Match4 Will you make it into TOP20 highscores? Bubblins Match4 is a new puzzle matching game with 2 game modes and lot of fun for all ages There a lot ...    21 MB    Views 577
lines unravel sky stars starry skills don logical brainteaser cute
-8    There is a lot of stars in the night sky and their chains form different and sometimes strange and queer shapes. Our cute little stars got entangled in the endless sky and they can handle it only with your help. ...    63 MB    Views 6367


+2    suirimatrix 登場人物の話から推理して、誰が何をしたか等についてのマトリクス(表)を ◎ と × で埋めていくパズルです。 問題は全部で103題です。 登場人物3人から12人までの問題があります。 レベル  初心者〜中級者向け  難問好き、多人数問題が好きな方には物足りないかもしれません。    NAN    Views 4820

Build The Tower PRO

building time house architect build points blocks tower fall game avoid skyscraper
-4    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS If you think you know which building is the biggest in the world you are wrong Because YOU are going to build it NOW It’s time to let out your architectural dreams and desires with Build The ...    53 MB    Views 8138


points game
-9    ZodiacGame2015 is just fun game with simple rules of the game, just move the constellations similar to the same horizontal or vertical line, you will get points, if you enough points before a given period of time you will win ...    15 MB    Views 3572
children learn perfect develop game easy numbers fun solving
+29    Fun and educational puzzle game perfect for kids to learn Esperanto This game helps children recognize shapes, learn fruit, vegetable vocabulary, numbers and alphabet. Perfect for young learners to develop logical thinking. Positive feedback through animation and fun music makes solving puzzles enjoyable ...    36 MB    Views 9309
+5    Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile    15 MB    Views 8616
Related Apps hours fun points
-3    this is a game just fun to help you unwind after a stressful working hours How to play simple, just move the constellations similar to the same horizontal or vertical line, you will get points, if you enough points before a given ...    15 MB    Views 7498
ball position
-4    Ball position switch. Position the ball row. Ball aligned many. Get good score. The limited time, fun and practice child development. You can play with your friends or single    8 MB    Views 5782

Numv Puzzle

Related Apps puzzle number block side moving
+25    Simple rules Number puzzle game By moving the number block, and put the same number of three or more side by side, one of the numbers block only is +1, the rest will disappear. Number block the same number as the selected number ...    6 MB    Views 1272

Sujiko Play

drag spaces
+7    Drag the numbers 19 into the spaces, so that the number in each node is equal to the sum of the four surrounding spaces. Simples More fun for Sujiko addicts, in a new drag & drop layout...    13 MB    Views 1508
Xhamster Mania Puzzle Xvideos Characters Objects Xnxx Christmas Year Hclips Board Perfect Tube8 Modes Music Beeg Solitaire Suit Drtuber Bubble Stage Tnaflix Character Quiz Redtube Birds Score